Saturday, January 26

Outdated post.

its called, new year into a new month and a new named of blog of mine. NAH!

just nak story about the previous year, 2012. haha nampak tak outdated die? takpe la sebab aku tak berkesempatan untuk pos pasal new year. and tahun lepas adalah sangat sangat kurang post nye. never mind.  to begin this post, i would like to preview back my wishlist on 2012 :D
sila kan..

#1 be a better muslimah.
manusia perlu perubahan ke arah kebaikan, kan? :D
no "accident" at subuh time. hehehe

#2 improve communication skills.
thats the important things, doh.

#3 save! save! save!
avoid wasted. grrrrrrrr!
target saving account up to 5K. bolehh ker? haha

#4 STOP berhutang!
since sume hutang da settle,
azam tahun ni ; taknak berhutang. #standupstraight!

#5 target for dean list (Degree)
errrr.. insyallah.

hmmm, tu top 5 wishlist.

so, side wish.. still targeting ;
 : camera digital. da tak kesah la camera macam mana.
 : at least discover 2 or 3 recipes. kekekeke
 : start menabung balik? :")
 : learn more about creative stuff. i wish too :D
 : belajar bahasa jepunnn! :D
boleh cari link dia sendiri kalau rajin.

 #1, i've tried my best (but never enough) to be a good muslimah. pray for me on this.
#2, my communication skills maybe have a very lease of improvement. 5% kot.
#3, saving~ its a bad idea. a year of the worst. i almost became a shopaholic!
#4, the most successful achievement! i end up 2012 with zero hutang. KOT!
#5, dean list. go die. haha!
#6, I BOUGHT CANON digital camera worth RM300. *smile
#7, recipes? emm nahh.. maybe its puding and roti naik. but dah lupa. err
#8, yahh,, i tend to start a piggy bank on last year, and achieve RM180 at the end of month. *clapclap!
#9, i do quilling paper! thats owwsome! and sewing a bit. *made my own baju kurung and ugly. haha
#10, yeayyy! my nihon-go is only grad B! i dont know.

so, for this year. i've decided to continue the past wishlist that still not achieved yet. and, do better. GOOD LUCK!

ps: more contest to come. insyallah. :P


Alhamdulillah. :)

Hyee bloggg! miss u! its been a while since my blog kena malware detection, and i have no effort to do anything. so, ah haa.. speechless pulak. punca dia i think sebab nuffnang. maybe da berhabuk sangat. da bole buang lah kan. i decided to start back on writing to uuuu blog!

oh, i changed this blog name from numeric into this its actually Seha's Blog. so! very much welcome! Aaaa~~

will having some decoration here. SOON!

ps: to be honest, im back here because of blog's contest. muahahahaha!
pss: wah post excited. speaking wehh~