Sunday, March 27

Ego lelaki, ego perempuan.

perempuan ade ego, lelaki ade ego.
ok.. itu normal la tu.

ego perempuan,
bile jumpe lelaki, sangat senang untuk runtuh. 


ego lelaki..

perempuan tu frust ke, sedih ke, ape ke..
ego lelaki still maintain. tak goyang beb.

ok, mungkin sebab awek tu tak cun.

bagi yang cun pun same kot -.-

ok, maybe terlalu sexy . eh?

ahhh. buat laa ape ape,
bagi aku, lelaki tetap ego.

kalau bom pun aku rase tak lut gak~

bile time ego lelaki nak rendah sket ha?

ps: FWAHHHH! rendu gila!
pss: err, mungkin tak semua lelaki ego.
psss: tapi bagi aku, lelaki memang ego!
pssss: kalau lelaki tak ego, buat ape die jadi lelaki kan?
psssss: tapi, aku paling pantang gak perempuan yang ego melampau.
pssssss: tapi tapi, ego perempuan kecik je kot. macam aku. -.-"

Saturday, March 5

Mr Bloggy (EP4)

She come to see me with a reason. I than, become her place where she's release her anger. Like a burden. i dont even do anything wrong to her. even to other. when she got fighting with her friends, she scolded at me. when she going really mad of something, she pass to me. why she did it to me?

she's not always being like this. i know her. the thing that i disliked is when she said my entries are rubbish. all of my entries are her stories. thats mean, all were the best. to me, and to her. that time, when she's mad, i saw how angry her face typing on a keyboard. telling me a story and i know her full story more than other. 

but i dont care how she treated me. because it will be better than when she dumped me like before. i want to hear her story. i wanted to keep her secret. i wanted to be a good listen. and i dont care about others. i always miss my FH. even how bad she is, she still the best to me.

she is actually a nice person. i know.

Mr Bloggy (EP3)

She dump me. Seems like she doesnt care about me anymore. She leave me alone. She's not even come to visited me once. I really missed her. where is she? i really want to meet her. if i can really go out from this screen, i'll find her in every places. does she missed me too? i've been thinking for that.

Later on, i found her busy for her study. I think it way positively. Praying and waiting for her to come back to visit me here. as always. as before. updating me or reading on me. i want to see her face. feel her fingers typing. i do. kept waiting for her.

One day, she really come back to find me. I feel so excited.
but things does not the same as before.

to be continued..

Friday, March 4

Mr Bloggy (EP2)

Every day, I seat in a computer devices. waiting for a human to pick me up. publish me. decorate me. feed me. update me. and , anything else. My ability is, I can spread a story, facts and even rumors in a second. I'm really that fast. Unfortunately, I'm dumb. human cant hear my voice. because, I dont have any voices.

But then, until I met a girl. And thats how a story begin. My life, my journey started with her's fingers. Her name is FH. well, RP is also a name that she gave me. and I like it. other people also like it. She actually found me on late December 2010. right after a new year, we was celebrated together.

She is kinda cool person. I like her the most. Easy talking. Easy going. Sometimes, with a bored face looking at me, reading on me, she's still look soooo cool to me. HAHA . then, I started to feel comfort with her. Every day, she must visited me. here. updating me or just reading on me.

I even know her favorites. She love Facebook-ing. Blog walking. Search images and even internet window shopping. I know what she's really wanted. Even do, I couldnt help it. my bad. usually, she always said to me ; that if she is really really really bored to death. and even when she's feel so sad or lonely.

But.. somehow, I know, people changed easily.

to be continued..

Thursday, March 3

Mr Bloggy (EP1)

Full name : Reverse Psychology.
Nickname : RP
Date of birth : 27th November 2010
Place of birth : Dell Inspiron 14
Family : Blogspot.
Language : Malay, English, Japan, Korea, Arab
Best Friend : Google search, Google Translate.

A story about Mr Bloggy named ; RP.

to be continued..

Wednesday, March 2

Tak baik mencarut.

sabar. sabar wei. sabar.
tahan. tarik nafas.
think positive.
jangan mencarut.
tak baik..
cool down.
chill wei.. chill.
tarik nafas. tenang.


Tuesday, March 1

Lesson learn.

tolonglah orang yang memerlukan pertolongan.
bantulah orang yang memerlukan bantuan.

hari ni hari aku,
mungkin esok hari engkau.

jangan fikir aku tak kan pernah senang.
dan, kau tak kan pernah susah.

dah. ke tepi.

ps: sentap siot!
pss: takpe takpe. tenang.