Friday, March 4

Mr Bloggy (EP2)

Every day, I seat in a computer devices. waiting for a human to pick me up. publish me. decorate me. feed me. update me. and , anything else. My ability is, I can spread a story, facts and even rumors in a second. I'm really that fast. Unfortunately, I'm dumb. human cant hear my voice. because, I dont have any voices.

But then, until I met a girl. And thats how a story begin. My life, my journey started with her's fingers. Her name is FH. well, RP is also a name that she gave me. and I like it. other people also like it. She actually found me on late December 2010. right after a new year, we was celebrated together.

She is kinda cool person. I like her the most. Easy talking. Easy going. Sometimes, with a bored face looking at me, reading on me, she's still look soooo cool to me. HAHA . then, I started to feel comfort with her. Every day, she must visited me. here. updating me or just reading on me.

I even know her favorites. She love Facebook-ing. Blog walking. Search images and even internet window shopping. I know what she's really wanted. Even do, I couldnt help it. my bad. usually, she always said to me ; that if she is really really really bored to death. and even when she's feel so sad or lonely.

But.. somehow, I know, people changed easily.

to be continued..


  1. RP & FH have same character i guess...
    need each other...

  2. hahaha nice
    now RP is living with FH? ;P

  3. hha..mcm puji diri sendiri je haha..nice art. but thre r spelling error i've spotted. SEAT - Sit
    GUEST - Guess

  4. mr swift ; hehe :)

    syahira ; dah orang nye same . haha ;P

    raji ; takde maknenye.. hee

    rizal ; haha agak la . ;P oh oh terima kasih tegur :)

    aujinz ; way to go?

  5. like it 10000x..mmm...^__^


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