Saturday, March 5

Mr Bloggy (EP3)

She dump me. Seems like she doesnt care about me anymore. She leave me alone. She's not even come to visited me once. I really missed her. where is she? i really want to meet her. if i can really go out from this screen, i'll find her in every places. does she missed me too? i've been thinking for that.

Later on, i found her busy for her study. I think it way positively. Praying and waiting for her to come back to visit me here. as always. as before. updating me or reading on me. i want to see her face. feel her fingers typing. i do. kept waiting for her.

One day, she really come back to find me. I feel so excited.
but things does not the same as before.

to be continued..


  1. oke.seriously tak sabar nak tunggu sambungan lagi. -_-

  2. alolo...this is sooo sad. u r extraordinary creative

  3. wow... wuts really happened?..

  4. amena ; part ni suspen eh ? haha tq :)

    rizal ; thank you :)

    aujins ; suspen kan? haha ;P


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