Saturday, March 5

Mr Bloggy (EP4)

She come to see me with a reason. I than, become her place where she's release her anger. Like a burden. i dont even do anything wrong to her. even to other. when she got fighting with her friends, she scolded at me. when she going really mad of something, she pass to me. why she did it to me?

she's not always being like this. i know her. the thing that i disliked is when she said my entries are rubbish. all of my entries are her stories. thats mean, all were the best. to me, and to her. that time, when she's mad, i saw how angry her face typing on a keyboard. telling me a story and i know her full story more than other. 

but i dont care how she treated me. because it will be better than when she dumped me like before. i want to hear her story. i wanted to keep her secret. i wanted to be a good listen. and i dont care about others. i always miss my FH. even how bad she is, she still the best to me.

she is actually a nice person. i know.


  1. thats what we call friendship. semuanya indah. suka blog ko FH...

  2. friendshp................................................................................luv it

  3. Hahahhahahaha.. terbaek..
    ada sambungan lagi tak??..

  4. Sobs. Lol!

    *comes from Mr. Bloggy.

  5. sweet..macam kawan i jugak,ganas sgt,dia x reti menunjukkan kasih sayang die.ahah :p

  6. rizal ; yaaa.. love it. tq :)

    aujinz ; ingat nak buat sambungan lagi.. tp tajuk lain la kot. :) tgk la camne

    mr swift ; haha lol? ;p

    natasya ; hahaha dalam hati ade taman. :) terima kasih.

  7. hahahaha RP smpai bila2 loyal to her ;D
    best gak kisah blog kau ni

  8. cute cartoon! love it!

    im blogwalking. senang2 visit la my blog. banyak sembang2 psl macam2. mostly psl mutiara hati utk prmpuan, n how I whine about my job as an English teacher lol. ;) and I have pre-loved items sale coming soon so do check it out! bnyk baju nk jual habes.

    here is the link:

  9. raji ; haha dah tu, nak royal kat sape lg kn? ;PP

    natasya ; haha agak la kot..

    syahira ; true :) hehe

    pika ; tq. okay~

  10. sombong ngan aku ,bkn nak follow aku .huh !

  11. huh..lama x jenguk blog ko..bkk blog tau2 episod akhir da..hahaha

  12. Mr.Bloggy episod5 takde dah ke? HAHA. Rindu kut. ;p

  13. it so much..i like mr bloggy…


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