Monday, December 19

Cine. Cine. Cine!

cina aaar. haha.
my lady bos is ; cina.

first week,
"ok, later i will give u another thing to do"

5 hours later,
"ok you just do like this.. this this this.. the word in Chinese, so do the design first"

second week,
"just copy paste this one"

next two days,
(the design is all most done)
"can you do like this one?"
-oh, so how about this one? (pointing to the previous design)
"just create a new one"

5 hours later,
"what do you thing about this one?"
- .................
"i think better change to this one. this is better"
- .... ok.

third week,
(80% done)
"here, this one is simpler right? possible for you to do it exactly like this?"
- yea.
"so, just do it like this one"
- how about the old one?
"just forget about it"
- ............................... Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff! huh.

ahh sumpah da takde mood aku nak buat benda alah ni.
last last nak suh aku ajar kau pulak? kan senang kalau kau bagi je aku buat sorang. pffffffft.

mengade ngade betul la cina nihh.
kau nak macam mana sebenarnye? da ar tak paham bahasa melayu. isssssssshhhh!

aku dah cube untuk decline arahan die,
tapi takde function. ahh cine ni nak menang je.

cepat laa masuk degree 


  1. ahahah sabar sist... no sara :)

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  2. sara? haha

    eyhh? ang keja situ ka?

  3. takleh.. da sign contract 3 bulan.
    bulan 1 ni confirm resign aaa! :'D


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